Monday, 3 November 2014

Yellowhead by-election Does Grande Cache Care?

A by-election sparked by the resignation of conservative MP Rob Merrifield will be held November 17. With the election only a couple of weeks away it is surprising that there has been no indication of a campaign until the past couple of days when a couple of signs have been erected. From the signs we see the Conservative candidate is Jim Eglinski and the Liberals are running Ryan Maguhn. A google search tells me Eglinski is an ex RCMP office from Edson and Maguhn is a municipal councillor from Hinton. Oh, and that google search tells me Cory Lystang is running as a Libertarian. That is it. That is all the info out there.

I'm not sure if Grande Cache cares as there has been no visible effort to host a candidate's forum. More surprising than that though is it appears the candidates don't care enough to let us know who they are or what they will be doing for us. In the past election the Conservatives won the riding with 77% of the vote, the NDP coming in second with a tad over 13%, the Greens a bit over 5% and the liberals coming in at under 3%.

Looking then at the past results and the lack of campaigning it appears we will see coronation for the candidate of the party that has mocked our democratic system and instituted policy based on their narrow perspective of our great country. Looks like we will have to wait until the next federal election to see if there will be a significant challenge to the autocratic rule of the governing Tories.

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  1. As the libertarian candidate I apologize for not making it to your town.I started late and working full time in the oilfield hasn't left much campaign time anyone interested can check out my Facebook page