Sunday, 28 February 2016

Gary Vows to Be a Nightmare for O'Leary

The small town Canadian and ex municipal councillor is looking to cause a stir in Canada, a stir in the best interests of hard working Canadians that know Canada's governments should be looking after our best interests not those of the rich and powerful.
Gary Taje warns the greedy individuals like O'Leary he will tear their attacks against working Canadians apart.
“What I’m going to be doing with this platform and why I’m here today is I’ve decided that in every attack of his (O'Leary) against our interests, I’m going to spend a tremendous amount of energy exposing him to the public as a person that has used the resources and infrastructure we have created in this country to insure the success of our nation for his own selfish purpose with no sense of responsibility to insure the wealth produced in this nation benefits us all,” he said.
“I hope to make this a nightmare for selfish businessmen like him that think they can continue to force our governments to act only in the interests of the rich.”
He said he has never met him, at a corporate social event, nor anywhere else, but when he does he will tell him directly. “Listen O'Leary Canadians want a nation that works for us all not just your back pocket.’ ”