Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Crowsnest Pass Election

Well municipal elections across Alberta are done for another 3 years (let us hope the province doesn't succumb to the big cities desire move to 4 year terms for municipal councils) and the voters of Crowsnest Pass behaved a tad differently than normal. Until last year, when the voters returned 3 incumbents (Ward, Irwin, myself) and one returning after a leave (Cole) Crowsnest voters usually returned 2 incumbents, one returnee, and elected 4 new councillors. This year's results then can be considered quite surprising with only one incumbent being returned to the uncomfortable council seats and I will remind Larry once again that it is not the chairs that are uncomfortable. It is what you are required to do while sitting that makes them uncomfortable.

With the surprise vote Crowsnest citizens put in what appears to be the right council at the right time. Clearly voters wanted to see councillors that can bring to the table a "sense of place" and put long time (if not life long) residents of the Pass, Jerry Lonsbury (I still remember the strap he gave me in grade 8) and Siegbert Gail into those unnerving chairs. Once again the electorate wanted new fresh faces and with them, fresh direction and decided to allow Brian Gallant, Andrew Saje, and Emile Saindon a chance to feel those, at times, painful seats. Still the people wanted some experience and told Larry Mitchell he would have to endure his bumpy perch for another 3 years. Crowsnest constituents, not surprisingly, also elected a relatively unknown, Bruce Decoux, to keep order while having to endure the most prickly seat of all. Congratulations to our newly elected council. You will learn to feel comfortable in those old leather chairs. Good luck!

Of course I would be remiss if I did not offer the new council some advice. I will give them the same advice one time councillor, Howard Bennet of Bellevue, gave me at the start of my first term, "remember, do that which is politic".

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