Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A real surprise

Not a post about Crowsnest Pass, fishing, or politics. Instead a link to some amazing entertainment. If you have a few minutes check out this youtube link (no embedding) you will be glad you did.

As a young guy I had the opportunity to attend a number of broadway shows in London's theatre district. The first was Gypsy and I went only because a young lady from Israel suggested we would enjoy it. It was enthralling from the opening song and I could not get enough. This video recreates that incredible rush I felt when I first heard a live musical.


  1. Di and I were just watching a clip of Susan Boyle on TV when here I come to your blog and get the full meal deal. WOW! is an understatement of this woman's 'surprise' performance. It was GREAT!! Thanks for sharing, Gary!

  2. John you are right. It is great....absolutely great, an incredible voice. An amazing escape from everything.

  3. She's really making the rounds. She's wonderful.