Friday, 18 January 2008

Poll Results

Well the results are in from the first poll on the blog. Fourty people voted. Twenty voted yes. Twenty voted no. What conclusions can I come to after seeing the results? Keeping in mind of course the results can not be considered accurate to any real degree. The purpose of the poll is to keep the blog interactive.
  1. I could assume the people that voted represent a cross section of our citizens and believe our residents are divided completely on the issue.
  2. I could also assume the people that voted are individual business men or women who would be directly affected by councils decision and again are equally divided on the issue
  3. Just checked my old email account and found a letter emailed from the chamber asking members to go vote in the poll. The timing of the email and all the voting would coincide. All things being equal then I would not be too far wrong in assuming the vote came from chamber members and they are split on the proposal.

Thanks for taking part in this little exercise. This could end up being a useful tool and I will be looking for ways to make it work.

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