Thursday, 24 July 2008

Summer in Crowsnest Pass

Summer in the Pass is a time to enjoy life by jumping into a cold, clear mountain stream.

It's time to stop in at the Crowsnest Cafe and Fly Shop for coffee. Order breakfast, or lunch from Susan's unique menu. Get the latest fishing information. Get your flies and other gear, and maybe even book a guided trip with the best dry fly fisherman in the Pass, Kirby, or a float trip with Alan Brice of Alberta Fly Fishing Adventures.Summer in the Pass brings Rum Runner Days. This year Bridgecreek Development Corp. opened their new sales centre and show suites for their River Run Development to coincide with the annual event. They also used the occasion to help out our local food bank. The company donated all the burgers and pop and helped food bank volunteers prepare and sell the burgers. The food bank made over $1700 by selling burgers and a pop to the Rum Runner crowd for $3 dollars each.Summer in the Pass is Thunder in the Valley time. The magnificent fireworks display put on by our local firemen. This show brings people from all over Western Canada to our municipality. Estimates of visitors for Rum Runner weekend range from 30,000 to 40,000 people year to year and Thunder is the event that brings them here. The Blairmore Volunteer Firefighters have done a great job with our entertainment event of the year.

Of course even with all the wonderful things to do in Crowsnest Pass in the summer local politics does not take a rest. It is interesting as usual. This summer maybe even more so....but more on that later. Oh and don't forget August 1st t0 4th weekend is our annual heritage and culture festival, Doors Open. Make sure you make it down here for this fun weekend celebrating the Pass's unique history and culture


  1. Good to see you back, Gary. For a while there I thought you might have died and went to heaven, but then I remembered... you are a 'politician'. :-) :-)

    Nice pictures, and the 'Pass really is a nice place to be in the summer... and the rest of the year as well.

    'Enjoy' your posts. Keep them coming!

  2. Thanks for reminding us what the CNP is all about. I'll be sure to visit soon.

    Why did the chocolate lab jumpin the river ?

  3. Thanks John good discussion the other night

    Gus jumped off the rock to retrieve a is nuts about retrieving

  4. to get to the other side

  5. no jobs there,may be alright for people who are retired

  6. Gary, We have a very important issue coming up, the Crowsnest Centre.I think it is time you stand up and tell us why you are such a strong believer in the center and why the taxpayer should vote to keep it open.Hiding guarantees you a no vote and also you will not recieve another vote from me.Convince me to vote yes.A concerned taxpayer.

  7. How can I convince you to vote on a plebicite putting in place a budget increase of millions of dollars for the 2009 budget. Amendments (wrongly) made to the petioner's request will put an onerous burden on the taxpayers of our municipality. As much as many people see the benefit the Centre provides I doubt any (like me) can justify the huge increase in the operational and capital budgets the amendments to the bylaw call for.

    I will in all likely hood go to the poll (if there will be one) take my ballot and turn it in blank.